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I’m Taylor Ford Hirschy! Photographer, graphic designer, newlywed, fur mom, HelloFresh’s biggest cheerleader, and wanna be green thumber. I dream big — it’s the only way I know how. I like Monday’s, rainy days, caramel lattes, 80s music, and Nashville, TN. I truly believe that travel and retail therapy is the best medicine. I love sourdough bread and it loves me — gluten has been a big time friend of my thighs. I use too many exclamation points in any given message. My Spanx leatherette leggings are my favorite things ever and my camera could be considered my extra limb. And that picture above? That’s me on my wedding day — happier than a bird with a french fry.

My first memory of a camera in my hand dates back to when I was 6 or 7 years old when I found a disposable camera around the house and posed my long time bff, Alex with her American Girl dolls. I filled up that disposable camera really fast and in fact, I still have the photos from it! (I’m a photo hoarder, I’ll always have your photos saved for the years to come! Seriously, if I’ve photographed you, your images are backed up in 3 places. Memories are precious and I don’t take them lightly.) Fast forward to my high school years when my teachers and family fostered my love for photography and the years that I received my first DSLR for Christmas. In College I worked for another photographer in Fort Wayne. While independently contracted, I photographed weddings, seniors, and a few families. I learned the industry and met so many amazing families that I still photograph to this day. After my college graduation, we closed the doors of our umbrella company and Taylor Ford Photography was born. After well over 100 weddings and 7 years under my belt, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else! I know that is cliche but photographing your memories and capturing your families coming together is seriously one of my favorite things to do!

Image by our friends Dustin & Corynn

Image by our friends Dustin & Corynn

Image by my girl Claire Clay

Image by my girl Claire Clay

Ok.. let me tell you about my handsome husband, Cory. I met him in six grade. At that time I developed a crush on that cutie with the nicest smile. Turns out he started his crush on me on September 17, 1992 when he came in for a 1,000 mile check up at the hospital nursery the day that I was born. We both went separate ways to chase our dreams and eventually made our way back to each other after college. We dated for nine months before Cory popped the question. Four months later, we were married on the shores of our favorite place, Lake Wawasee in Syracuse, Indiana. 

I’m the type of girl that goes to Nashville Humane Association to fall deeply in love with a little pit bull that begged me to bring her home. Did I know anything about her? No. Did Clarksville Animal Control pick her up off the street a week before with no info on her? Yes. But her sweet demeanor, skinny body, and loving eyes had me wrapped around her paw and she was mine 15 minutes later. That girls name is Veda (Vay-Duh) and she came into my life at the best time ever. Veda was our Dog of Honor/Best Dog on our wedding day — she must have known how important that day was to us because she remained calm enough to make it down the aisle without licking everyone in sight. Our other sweet girl is our cat, Mocha. She’s roughly 10 years old and has been a part of my life for 8 years. She grew up outdoors and eventually made her way to the indoors after a fight (that she won) with a hawk. She’s feisty, deaf, and loves a routine. You won’t see her in front of the camera as much as Veda because Mocha has developed photographers child syndrome over the years and avoids my camera like the plague. She loves to nap in dark spots and rub against me when my coffee is scolding hot. 

My hubby is a full-time police officer in Ohio. After we married, I left the city that has my heart (Fort Wayne, Indiana) to live with the man who has my heart. We live in the city of Van Wert on 5 acres in a 1940’s home with lots of character and a leaking roof. We split our time between Van Wert, Ohio and Lake Wawasee in Syracuse, Indiana. Traveling is a huge part of my job. I drove my car off the lot (brand new with 12 miles on her) 2 years ago and she’s got 45,000 fresh miles on her, I love to travel to you for photos! Besides, how else am I going to keep up with my Starbucks gold card yearly requirements if I don’t leave my home offices?!

My most served cities: Chicago, Cleveland, Toledo, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Northwest Ohio, Northern Indiana, and Southwest Michigan.

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