abbie // lincolnview high school [ van wert ohio senior photographer ]

I've been anticipating Abbie's senior session since February when she messaged me to get on the calendar. That is a long time to anticipate a shoot and it 100% did not disappoint. Abbie is such a natural in front of the camera and is one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet. After reading her questionnaire, I think you'll get a good sense of the sweetheart that she is.

Abbie, I loved photographing you bright and early, barefoot, without a care in the world. Continue being the sweet girl you are. Thank you for choosing me to photograph your senior photos. Congrats on your senior year! <3

What are your favorite activities? Any spare time I have I like to spend outside, wether I'm working in the landscaping or just sitting down, I love it! I miss living in the country and walking through our woods just living. I enjoy running - competitively or just for fun and I really love calligraphy and anything art so I spend time doing that. Also, this might be weird, but I am infatuated with cleaning. I'll dedicate an entire week just going through stuff and cleaning areas where said stuff was!

What TV shoes are you addicted to? I am OBSESSED with "The Carrie Diaries" right now. Being the same age as the stars of the show, I feel like I can learn and relate to many of the things going on, even though it takes place in the '80's (their clothes are to die for as well, which makes me question the authenticity of the show being that it takes place in the '80's (haha)) but nonetheless, I'm hooked! Other shows I've been thoroughly avid on watching is: "Revenge", "America Ninja Warrior", "Spongebob", and anything HGTV.

Who is your favorite band/music artist? Man this is a tuffy! I love so many types/genres of music that having a favorite is impossible. I will say that I listen to a lot of "rugged" sounding voices, such as Chris Stapelton. Harmoization from groups like "Zac Brown Band" and "Little Big Town" are also musicians I'm often plugged into. The music of the "Chainsmokers" and "Fifth Harmony" have got me dancing, too. Most of the music I listen to I either don't know the title or the artist, I just know I like it and I'll memorize it haha I don't do much remembering of the people though!

What kind of music is on your iPod? Well, when I got my first Ipod, I was still really into Hannah Montana and the "High school Musical" music - so there is a ton of that music on there! And I just typically swiped any music my sister bought on her iTunes account thanks to its awesome sharing capabilities (haha)! That being said, there is some music I don't even listen to 'cause my sister and I have different tastes, but through her, the door to musical paradise was opened so I'm very thankful for her and that. Since then, I've added my own flare of pop, country, and some Christian music to it.

What do you do on a typical night out with friends? Honestly, my friend circle is relatively small. I try and be a friend to anyone, but I am definitely more of the type to be on my own, and I like that. When I do go out with some friends though, we typically go swimming. I've been on some little trips to the mall with them or haha I don't know I went roller skating a lot in junior high with some friends. Oh, and bowling is big with the cross country team or even with friends and that's always a good time!

Favorite high school memory? School has never been my thing. Like ever. So having a favorite memory is difficult! I'd definitely have to tell this funny story as my favorite, though! I think it was my sophomore year and, as mentioned before, my friend circle is small. Anyway, it was a typical day and my two friends always met me at my locker so we could walk together to lunch. So we did all that, ate lunch, and returned to our lockers before 5th period started. Well, I put in my locker code and to my surprise, it wouldn't open. And I repeated putting the code in for what seemed like an hour. Finally, my good friend Ciearra came over and tried twisting it in for me, and it didn't work for her either. Well we had discussed that maybe I was just forgetting the real code but I swore up and down that I was right (I tend to have this problem). We were both worrying about getting to class so we departed and she went to class and I went and told the office the embarrassing predicament I was in. The secretary, Kay, called a janitor to come assist me because we all thought it was really gummed up and then she told me to get to class. I got to class late with my lunch pail hanging low at my side. A few minutes into class I realized how dumb it was that I went to class when I didn't have any of the materials I needed. I asked the teacher to go back to my locker and see if the janitor was there yet, and was granted the permission so I went. The janitor had definitely not been there but my friend Ciearra was there getting stuff from her locker that she had forgotten for her class. I was stressed and had no idea what to do, but she offered to come to the office with me, so that's where we went. Kay understood my reasoning for not being in class and went to head hancho, Mr. Mendenhall (our principal) for a key to the lockers. I took it with delight and had my hopes high that soon, my locker would be open and life would return to normal. Ciearra and I practically ran to my locker and I fumbled with the key to get it in, and tried twisting it. The key didn't budge in that stubborn lock and so I twisted harder! I don't even know how to explain what happened next, other than the "head" of the key, like the circular top that has the hole to hook it onto chains twisted, and the long part that was in the lock didn't! I had totally ripped the key! Before I could say anything I burst out laughing and I pulled the key to show Ciearra and she started laughing in disbelief, when out of nowhere, my other friend, Ryanne, came out of the bathroom and, once she realized what the heck was going on, started laughing with us! So here we all were, my closest friends and I, missing class and laughing to death in the school hallway. I felt like such a rebel haha. Once we calmed down a bit, they both walked to the office with me and we all explained what had happened with a few bursts of laughter. Kay was shocked but also laughed after I offered to buy them another key. That must've been the moment she decided that the issue was pretty serious, for she told my friends to get to class and walked with me to my locker to try and figure out just what was wrong with it. She punched in the code a few times and had me do it some, too. Nothing worked. She started tugging at it to feel for an area that could be causing the jam and decided that it felt to be right in the middle. So, she starts kicking and punching at my locker when the bell rang. The hallways flooded with people and here was this nice, short little lady beating on my locker! Once the final bell rang, she gave up and went to call the janitor again. So then it was just me and my locker. I stared at it and paced a bit and then BANG! I was hit like a freight train with information. I had just remembered the REAL order of my combination to this locker. The last two numbers I had completely mixed up! I was SO embarrassed! It finally opened, I got my stuff, and shamefully walked to the office to tell of this small victory. I apologized so many times and still feel like I need to anytime I walk into that office. Everything went back to normal after that, although I caught the janitor checking out my locker later that day. My friends and I still chuckle looking back at that memory.

What do you want people to remember about you when they look back on your senior year? I want people to think of me as someone who was there. I've always wanted to help someone going through a tough time, or just be there for them to lean on and I hope that they can see that. I want them to know that I'm real too. Like, I went through so tough times my junior year and the only people that ever seemed to pose any concern was the ones that had reputation for being the "talkers" of the school. Or I guess the gossipers is a better way to explain that. That just doesn't sit with me right. I don't like anyone to know my business, let alone the entire school! So I just want to be seen as that "safe place" and I also do want to be that for them.

Who are your role models and why? I have special people in my life, and I look up to most of them. But I wouldn't consider any of them to be a role model for me. That might sound harsh, but I don't mean for it to be a bad thing. I seem to be one of those people that learn from anyone. And that is exactly what I'll do when I'm with someone; I evaluate them and see the things that I like and would do and then see the things that I wouldn't do. Everyone pushes me to be more myself and I don't have a person that surpasses everyone else on the whole "model" scale. I just want to be me.

When you were little, what did you dream of being when you grew up? Oh man! From the moment I was born I wanted to be a mamma. I remember even at kindergarten graduation when receiving these little diploma certificates, we had to announce what it was we wanted to be. While everyone else stated they wanted to be a police officer or firefighter, I confidently stated that I wanted to be a mom. It always has looked like a big love fest to me. With the love from the husband and the kids, I don't know, I just want that. This dream still stands strong, and I want to have a big family. The problem is I don't really know what else I want to be besides a mom haha!

What are your hopes/plans for the future? This whole topic of "future" right now has me hiding under a rock right now haha but I know it s coming and coming quick! I hope to get accepted to a college (not sure what college yet) for a degree that I have interest in. I would really love to own my own business one day so I plan on looking into what kind of schooling I should get for that. I've noticed a really annoying quality in myself, and that's that I like everything! I could see myself pretty happy in any occupation. So, as of now, I'm keeping my options open and testing the waters here and there. I plan to move away from Van Wert, maybe for college or maybe after college and I hope to be able to travel during college breaks.

What kind of impact do you want to make on the world? I'd love for everyone to know how loved they are and how much they are needed here on Earth. I have seen so many instances of people who just don't think they belong and I have been there. I'm recovering and growing stronger everyday from that. It's hard and it takes time to get away from all those feelings and I want to be able to help people get to a good place in their minds.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? In ten years I'll almost be 28. That seems out of reach and just insane to think about but I'd like to see myself as a wife with maybe some kiddos and a steady job. I don't know really, just your typical 28 year old I guess! I hope to be moved away and have a lot of land and some woods and I would like a small house. Houses seem so overrated to me anymore. I don't want to have the space for things I don't need or use. It's complicated in my mind but I know it's possible. That's where I want to be. 

What food does your family cook that you will miss when you go to college? I will so definitely miss ALL of my moms food! She is such a great cook and I love to eat so I can see it as being pretty rough getting used to Ramen noodles every night. Her best dish, in my opinion, is her salisbury steak. I am a lover of all things meat and onion gravy. Or all things food. I'm not sure. Also, she makes these egg pancakes that are the most foreign pancake it seems in this world but they are so good! I'll just miss her and this family in general.