april 2017 // iphone photos [ ohio + indiana photographer ]

April 2017 was a good one. Lots of family time, relaxation, and a surprise that I hadn't planned for. Here is what my April looked like:

  • A trip to the lake to spend the week with Rian, Maryann, and August. August helped me with my taxes and we spent a lot of time cuddling.
  • I bought a house! She is a cute little 1940's house that will come with tons of mowing but I am so excited! After all, my new years resolution was to work on my green thumb. haha
  • Easter weekend with my family and my boyfriends family. Shoutout to Matt for detouring and stopping the car so that I can take photos of Sheep and beautiful sunsets. He's pretty great. 
  • Dinner with my best friend Jordyn and her daughter Georgia. Love them to pieces. How sweet is Georgia!?
  • Ran late on time so I did my grocery shopping at the Kroger near me. The new Kroger Starbucks upgraded the size of my latte for free. Win! If you know me, I'm an Earth Fare girl. I feel like it helps me stay away from buying Oreos. But.. Earth Fare sells Jeni's Ice Cream so I still lose. haha
  • Photographed Tiffany and Trent's engagement session and then drove to the lake to spend time with my parents and organize the studio for the start of my season. 
  • Planted a few new plants that I ordered from QVC. These plants were intended to be planted around my townhouse. BUT now that I'm moving.. its all about keeping these guys alive until I can plant them in the ground. Wish me luck.
  • Enjoyed my last lazy Saturday until July. Goodness it was great to do nothing but watch tv all day. (Kinda.. I actually wrote 3 blog posts while watching tv.. this one included. haha!)
  • April 30th resulted in 2 rescheduled shoots. Hello rainy weekend! Naturally I spent the day on the couch watching tv. haha What a lazy weekend! My best friend would be happy to know I did a little workout during most of the commercials. Can't spend 2 full days laying on the couch! haha!

May is turning into a SUPER busy month with all of the reschedules. Lots of families, engagements, maternity, 2 potential newborns at the end of the month, and the first wedding of the year. This month I'll be in Cincinnati, Toledo, and Columbus for engagement sessions. If you're in those areas and want to schedule a shoot or grab coffee, let me know! I'd love to meet you! Boy does it feel good to be back in season.