april 2018 // iphone photos [ ohio + indiana photographer ]

April 2018 was packed and so much fun! Easter, vacation, 2 weddings, a studio remodel, a few shoots, etc. Heres a breakdown:

  • April started off with Easter on April Fools day. No April Fools pranks were pulled but I got to hold August for a few hours. The little guy was pretty sleepy during these photos. Don't let the sober face fool you, he'll work the crowd with his smiles.
  • I cuddled Veda as long as I could the morning Cory and I left for vacation. 5 days away from my babe is rough.
  • Cory and I went down to Dunedin Florida to visit my brother and his girlfriend. If you're in the Dunedin area, totally check out Rainey Chiropractic. He's the bomb.com at adjustments. 
  • When we arrived we immediately went to Jimmys Crows Nest in Clearwater. Its hands down my favorite little gem of the Tampa area. They pass out free fruity shots at sunset and this time they were playing the Indian's on all the TVs so obviously its pretty much the best bar.
  • Vacation day 2 was spent at Busch Gardens. I rode the roller coaster I told them I wouldn't ride and then proceeded to ride another roller coaster that broke down three times -- twice while we were next in line for it. I tested my limits and (in my opinion) we toed the line of death when we got on the broken down ride after it started running.
  • Teah and Sydney were spending the week in the area as well. We met up for breakfast at Lenny's in Clearwater. Picture not shown because I was UBER pale compared to them (it was my first day and their last) and I was in one of those outfits you don't know how bad it looks until you see it in a photo. (am i right?)
  • Ian and Kim took us to the Tampa gem of Oxford Exchange. Next time I'm in town you can find me picking up a book at their book store, a latte at their coffee shop, and plopping myself in a comfy couch next to that atrium.
  • We ended the trip with a sunset paddle board, a drive around beach front homes, and seafood in clearwater. (I got chicken because this girl doesn't eat anything she swims with.)
  • I came home and shot wedding number 3 of 2018. Any Van Wert wedding of mine typically starts at Brewed Expressions drive thru. The bride blew me away with her decor. The images shown are of a church turned into a barn. Literally perfect. Full wedding coming soon.
  • I spent a bit of time in the court house title department this month. I'm totally going to try and shoot in the court house this year. Pretty light. AND THAT TILE FLOOR!
  • Like every month I spent lots of time at the lake. The studio kitchen remodel is almost finished and its looking great! S/O to Cory for being OCD like me.
  • I had coffee with Brenna and finally met her babe. His infant photos are on Friday and I can't wait to hug up on him again!
  • The last weekend of the month was spend in Fort Wayne photographing wedding number 4. It didn't disappoint. Such a blast! The groom and one of his groomsmen do podcasting. If wedding photography makes the topic list on their next podcast I may share. Provided the groomsman agreed that I was super cool by letting them get Coney Island mid photos.
  • I ventured down to Troy on the last Sunday of the month for engagement photos for a super sweet 2018 couple. Troy blew me away! Definitely a cool town.
  • The end of the month was a little rough. My family said goodbye to our Schnauzer of 13 years.  Moosie had several nicknames: Bullet dog- she ran as fast as she could, everywhere she could. Moose Meister- she's German so obvi. Officer Schnauzer- if you know Schnauzers you know they make the rules.  She had a great life and loved the lake as much as we did. Great dog who will be missed greatly. Here is a photo of her driving my dad's car.

May is here and the trees are blooming. Yesterday we had an 80 degree day. I have a feeling this summer is going to be a hot one!