becca + connor // columbus indiana engagement photographer [ the inn at irwin gardens ]

Get ready to smile, these two will make your heart happy! I drove down to Columbus, Indiana recently to photograph Becca and Connor's engagement session.  I loved photographing the connection between these two. Connor does everything he can to make Becca smile. Last week he sent me a message asking for sneak peek to surprise Becca with. My heart melted.. so I sent him 2 photos. haha Also, how cute is their new puppy?! I can't wait for their wedding next summer!

Ps. I had no idea of the history behind Columbus. If you're interested in art & architecture, put it on your list! I'll definitely be venturing back to spend a little time exploring and staying the night at Irwin Gardens.

How did you meet? We met at Purdue where he took me to Dairy Queen on our first date and the rest is history lol Now every date night almost always ends with ice cream!

What is the story of your proposal? He proposed in December and he had the whole evening planned. I wasn't told where we were going at all. We went to dinner at my favorite restaurant, then he took me to my favorite boutique to pick something out as my christmas present, and then we went to the Indianapolis Christmas at the Zoo. We both love looking at Christmas lights. We walked around and looked at all the lights and animals, as we were walking through he handed someone his phone and asked to take our picture and as they were he got down on one knee and asked! :)

What is your idea of a date night?

Her: Idea of a date night is going to eat at one of our favorite restaurants and getting ice cream afterwards of course.

Him: Idea of a date night is doing something completely random that we haven't done before and eating somewhere nice and make sure to end the night with ice cream of some sort. 

What are your favorite things about each other?

Her: Favorite things about him are how supportive and caring he is, as well as his ability to always make me laugh.


Him: Favorite things about her are her smile, laugh, and hair, I don't know do I list the whole book?

What are you most looking forward to about being married?

Her: Most looking forward to not having to be apart anymore, making many more memories and being able to experience news things together. 

Him: Most looking forward to her being here all the time so we don't have to be apart ever like we do now while she finishes school and I cant wait for the increase in quality of food I will get to eat on a daily basis!