calahan // van wert ohio senior photographer [ van wert high school ]

I think one of my favorite parts of being a senior photographer is hearing them talk about the next stage of their life early on in their senior year. As the year progresses, I love watching them commit to colleges, pick up first jobs, and watch their parents gush on them over the year/years. Meet Calahan. His style compliments his craft so well! His denim on denim look reminds me SO much of the Nashville music scene. We talked about the possibility of Belmont for college but I found myself torn on his potential university choices. Y’all know that Nashville has my heart but he did say he was also looking at my Alma Mater too — Go Dons! Whatever his decision, Calahan has a bright future ahead of him and an awesome family to cheer him on.

Congrats on your senior year, Calahan!