courtney + sean // fort wayne indiana engagement photographer

Ahhh these two fill up my love cup! There was lots of laughter to be had last Friday during their engagement session. Every time we attempted a serious pose, it was quickly knocked out of the park with a burst of laughter. Courtney and Sean, I wish you two many more years of love and laughter. <3

How did you meet? Sean and I had a mutual friend that I have previously worked with. They came into where I worked in a big group and that's how we met.

What is the story of your proposal? We went to South Bend to stay on Notre Dame's campus for my birthday. First thing we did is we got all dressed up and went to church. Afterwards we went and walked around the lake so we could sit and see the dome. Before heading back we went to go take a picture of the dome. Then Sean got down on one knee and told me this is something he has been planning for awhile and he asked me to marry him. We then headed to the restaurant and I went to sit at our table. Little did I know that Sean had invited both of our families! It was absolutely amazing! :)

What is your idea of a date night? 

    His: I like going and trying new restaurants together.

    Hers: When Sean and I get out of town, shop and go out to dinner. Then we end the night watching a movie whether it's at home or at the theater.

What are your favorite things about each other?

    His: We always have fun even when we don't really do anything.

    Hers: Sean is a loving, caring, and determined man. He puts others first and when he sets his mind on something, he makes sure it gets done and well.

What are you most looking forward to about being married?

    His: Being on our own and starting our lives together.

    Hers: I'm looking forward to being with my best friend for the rest of my life. Spending time together, making decisions together, and getting through everything together.