december 2017 // iphone photos [ ohio + indiana photographer ]

This little blog of mine has become my monthly diary. I've loved sharing my iphone photos on a monthly basis for everyone to see and for me to look back on every year. Its been fun to revisit a lot of quick snaps and personal instagram images from year to year. I hope you enjoy this little dive into my personal life as much as I like doing these. 

December was one of my favorite months in 2017. While 2017 was a great year overall, December was full of family and friends. Heres a dive into my month:

  • Date night and a home owners association meeting. Cory is a trooper and I'm glad that meeting provided a few laughs for him. Who doesn't love hearing arguments over grass clippings with the rest of the HOA on a Tuesday night? lol We finished it with a late night at Olive Garden. S/O to the waitress who gave us 11 mints. 
  • A snowy lake weekend with Veda and that stinking cute sweater. Seeing her in that is well worth all of the giggles my lake neighbors give me. Speaking of sweaters.. I also bought her a robe. 
  • 9 deer in my backyard. By the end of the month the 9 became 14. I live in town. How crazy?! Pretty much my favorite thing ever.
  • My grandma hosted her siblings and their families at my house for the annual Christmas party. Being one of 38 great grandchildren is pretty fun. My great grandma created one great family and I'm glad my grandma and her siblings have kept the family so close as the years go on.
  • I took a trip to Washington DC with my man and our friend. We've got a Europe trip in the books and our friend needed to update his Dutch passport. It only made sense that we make a big trip out of it. We walked a ton, bowled with wine in hand (ok maybe just me), ate really tasty food, read coffee table books at Trump Tower, ice skated, went to a Capitals game, and made great memories.
  • I wrapped presents while Veda watched from afar. Thanks for the help, V.
  • Took a million selfies with my nephew who is almost a year old. (How did that year go so fast!?)
  • We had a white Christmas. The first white Christmas we've had in a long time. It was absolutely beautiful.
  • Finished a puzzle with Cory. Yeah.. we're that couple. Currently working on puzzle #2. Thankful he let me pick a cat puzzle.

Needless to say December was a great month and I spent a lot of time with family and friends. I'm excited for 2018 and the opportunities it will bring.