february 2017 // iphone photos [ indiana + ohio photographer ]

Lol! Let's forget the fact that today is March 7th and I totally forgot to blog my monthly iphone photos. If that doesn't perfectly show how winter season is going.. I'm not sure what would. February 2017 was a great one! Here is a look into my month:

  • After 5.5 years of living in Indiana, I finally put on my big girl pants and became a Hoosier state resident. You could say I was a bit lazy with that transition.. I'll forever miss my nice photo on my Ohio license. I'll be back, Ohio! 
  • Lots of late night indoor soccer games. 
  • A few spontaneous shoots thanks to the crazy weather changes. 
  • Heart shaped donuts because Valentine's day is my FAV!
  • My man surprised me with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Like really.. he's amazing at picking out flowers. 
  • A spontaneous trip to Nashville to see my sibs and August. We listened to classical music, visited the art museum, sipped lattes at Barista Parlor, photographed his 1 month photos, and test drove a Tesla. You could say his first month has been pretty cultured.
  • To add to August's list of 'firsts', we spent a Sunday afternoon at the Nashville Humane Association. This resulted in walking a few dogs that walked me and eventually finally meeting Veda. Without hesitation, I signed the adoption papers and brought my Veda Belle home. Rian, Maryann, my mom, August, a car seat, stroller, dog crate, myself and Veda in one Kia Optima.. you're welcome for that visual.
  • I brought Veda home to meet my grandma. You see, a few weeks ago we joked about having joint custody over a dog. I don't take jokes lightly when they are destine to be great realities. Grams is smitten with Veda. We are so in love with our southern belle!
  • Veda's first trip to the lake was a huge success! We snuck up there to get a bunch of work done at the studio. I eventually took her over to my parents house to run and play. I can't wait to see her smile grow even larger when the summer comes.

We are 7 days into March and it's shaping up to be a great month! I'm knocking out a bunch of design work and excited to finally debut everything that I've been working on! Have a great month! :)