february 2018 // iphone photos [ ohio + indiana photographer ]

I think adulting makes life go even faster than ever before. February flew by yet I look back at the first photo of February and feels like 2 months ago. Who knows. haha Here is what I did this month:

  • I spent the first day of February at my second office, Starbucks. Cory came with me and kept me company. We ran a few errands, had dinner at Henry's, and met friends for a drink later that night.
  • Micheal Jackson Live came to the NPAC in Van Wert. We rocked it out with Van Wert that night.
  • Valentine's day is one of my favorites. It's such a bright and happy day during a dreary, cold time of the year. Cory and I went to a Japanese Steakhouse for dinner. Pretty fab.
  • Fort Wayne Boat show with my pops. Anyone else shocked at how expensive brand new boats are these days?! Imagine paying $900 a month for a boat you can only use 3 months out of the year. Haha!
  • Celebrated Veda's birthday. Sweet pup's 3 or 4 years old and has been with us a full year. She's the happy to my ness.
  • I took off to Florida to visit my oldest brother. He's a Chiropractor in Dunedin FL. Need a Chiro? He's your guy. I spent a lot of time at Honeymoon Island, did a color run, and visited our Lake Wawasee neighbors at their winter home in FL.
  • After a few days in Florida I took off to New York. My mom had a conference there so of course all of us kids took the opportunity to hangout in NYC. I spent the first day alone waiting on my sibs to arrive, shopping 5th ave, and office jumping to different Starbucks. The rest of the trip was spent exploring Manhattan with my sibs and occasionally with our mom who escaped her conference every so often. August was a trooper!
  • By the time we got home the month was pretty much over. Cory picked us up, I took Veda for a sunset walk, and he fixed my grandmas watch. All the heart eyes for that man.

March is halfway over as I type this. What can I say, I'm loving my slower season. I've been working on a new little business and the designs for it. I can't wait to share! Happy time change!