january 2017 // iPhone photos [ indiana + ohio photographer ]

2017 is here and I can't imagine how quickly it is going already! This month I became an Aunt. If you follow my personal Instagram account (@tayford) you would know how much I love the aunt gig. Outside of my Auntie trip, I didn't Instagram much. Heres a look at what I did this month: 

  • I spent NYE with my best friend and cat in the studio at Lake Wawasee. We drank prosecco, wrote down our intentions for the year, and rang in the New Year with CNN's live stream. (When you don't pay for cable and ABC doesn't stream live, you gotta do what you've gotta do.)
  • I made it to yoga a few times. This particular image of Studio Seva was from a snowy night that I attended aerial yoga. Word of advice--don't wear silky workout clothes when using the silk ropes.. you'll slip right out. Needless to say, I'll take that class again once I forget the embarrassment.
  • Nikki, my #1 d750 came back from Nikon. Free repair AND 5 weeks early. Nikon is the bomb.com
  • My parents helped me update the bathrooms at the studio. The pink and blue tile had to go. After a little research, I found that the DIY Network suggests that you hire a professional to paint over tile. I took a chance. Maybe one day you'll see me on the DIY Network with my own show. 
  • I attended the Instagramers of Fort Wayne meet up with the South Bend IGers. It was a BLAST! I loved shooting with friends and meeting new photographers from around Indiana. 
  • I FINALLY got the call that my sister in law was in labor and baby blue was on his way. My mom and I booked our way down to Nashville. My car officially became the Auntie Mobile when I drove my brother and sister-in-law to the hospital at 2:38AM.  
  • On January 20th, 2017 at 9:27AM I heard the softest and sweetest cry. August has entered the world with his long hair, big hands, and curious eyes.  
  • I spent a few hours at Barista Parlor. I had fully intended to only get a whiskey caramel latte.. but the Five Daughters Bakery doughnuts were staring me down as well. So naturally that work day was fabulous until I went home and slept off the sugar high. 
  • Baby August's newborn photos. What a darling. He's got Auntie Tay wrapped around his big little hands. 
  • I bought new Warby Parker glasses for editing in this year. They are blue. Hello Artsy Fartsy club, my name is Taylor.
  • I cuddled Rowbee and the babe a lot and then we had to leave.

February is here and I am SO EXCITED for Valentine's Day. Call me strange, but Valentine's Day has been my favorite holiday for the last few years. My nails are already painted in a festive color. :)