january 2017 // iphone photos [ ohio + indiana photographer ]

January felt like the never ending month that went by quickly. Anyone else feel that way? Hard to explain. haha It was a busy month packed with family birthdays, newborns, business ventures, and fun. Heres what I did this month:

  • Found out what its like to be on the cover of a magazine. The blush dress from Martina Liana Separates and that pink chair could never disappoint. Still wishing I could have taken both of them home.. or that Fort Wayne Magazine would have pulled a Sex and the City move and sent them to me in the mail. *hint hint, Caroline.*
  • I spent New Years with my 3rd shifter and our favorite waiter in town. We had Daniel's famous margarita from mexican south (anyone else label Van Wert mexican restaurants by North and South? Just me? Ok.)  and then we came home to finish the cat puzzle we had been working on until the police department stole him away from me. I know.. crazy New Years but I wouldn't have changed a thing.
  • I spent a lot of time at the lake. Shocking, right? We had so many nice weather snaps in January! I had to spend them in the best place to celebrate warm weather!
  • Trista from Roses Bouquets invited a few Fort Wayne wedding vendors over to her home for a cocktail party. I don't get to dress up often (typically working from home in my pajamas..) so I put on a dress and went to blend in with Dustin and Corynn's backdrop. Cory and I went to Club Soda before the party and then I lost him to Trista's husband and his virtual reality room.
  • Savor Fort Wayne.. am I right!? Although I ended up not getting the Savor FW option at JK's because that shepherds pie is the bomb.com.
  • Drove down to Cincinnati to photograph one incredibly gorgeous wedding! I stayed at Hotel Covington and had a little photoshoot of the room before I went to work. 5 stars for that swanky hotel! They even let me check in at 11am *free of charge* so that I didn't have to check in after shooting a 10 hour wedding.
  • Also, trying to think of where I can put in tile like Hotel Covington's. That flooring.. I need it in my life. I mean come on.. it matches my logo! That would give my logo 2 reasons for being the shape that it is. It would officially be a homage to my families lake house *and my bathroom floor* lol.
  • August (my nephew) turned ONE! His birthday was actually the day that I was shooting a wedding but he held his birthday on Sunday so that I could make it. I woke up in Cincinnati and booked it to Columbus to make it to his party. He's the best. (Thank you, Rian and Maryann!!!) He was celebrated by lots of family and friends and had one of the best birthday cakes ever. Have a sweet tooth? Head to Whole Foods and pick yourself up a chocolate ganache and raspberry cake stat!
  • More gorgeous weather! But this time I was home in Van Wert for a bit of it to celebrate my grandmas 85th birthday. Cory and I spent the day picking up sandwiches from Collins Fine Foods and eating them with the sun roof open, picnic style. Then the whole family met for dinner at Salvatori's for the best gas station Italian you'll ever have.
  • Spent the last weekend of the month at the lake celebrating my dads 67th birthday with his fav, a 7 and 7 and then swinging over to Fort Wayne to spend a whole day at the spa for my moms 62nd birthday.

What a month! See what I mean about it feeling that it lasted forever but yet not long at all? Thats the most personal activity I've shoved into a month in a long while. Ha!