june 2017 // iphone photos [ ohio + indiana photographer ]

In the fall of 2015 I was finishing up a wedding season, photographing seniors and families, and preparing to debut my senior design thesis for graduation. I remember plugging though it knowing/hoping that I would never be that stressed again. Fast forward to the beginning of 2017 when I added a few too many things to my plate. Things were adding up daily and I kept agreeing to do more. The month of June came and it wasn't until the very middle of the month when I realized that I was more stressed than I had been during the fall of 2015--more stressed than I had been in my 24 years of life. Moving, the wrap-up of a major 9 month design project, and the beginning of wedding season came all at once and left me feeling like I was sucker punched by an NFL linebacker. (I know. I know. I can hear all of you wedding vendors question why I decided to move during wedding season.) Saturday June 10th I woke up bright and early to drive down to a wedding in Terre Haute. I left early with the idea that I would swing by Starbucks at 6:00am. While in the Starbucks line a spider crawled across my lap. I screamed, jumped, took my foot off of the break, and rear ended the car in front of me. While the Starbucks barista stuck her head out of the drive-thru window to see what just happened, I dropped my head into my hands and told myself to slow down. At that moment I knew I needed a break. I had been the "yes man" for way more than I could do by myself.

During the third week of June, I finally finished that 9 month design project, sent numerous edited galleries, and moved the last box to my new house. I could literally feel the weight lift off of my shoulders as I was finally at the end of that trying time. My mom stole me away that Friday for a massage and mani/pedi day. I felt like a whole new woman that Friday night. Finally feeling like Taylor after several months of a foggy sprint through life.

So here we are, the last day of June. I'm writing this as I anticipate 4th of July week (my favorite holiday) with my family and sweet nephew, August. I'm thankful for every ounce that the last 6 months has taught me. I'm super proud of that crazy hard 9 month design project, I've produced some of my favorite photo work this year, and my new house is starting to feel like home. Out of hard times comes great things. Thank you ALL for being so understanding for my late email replies.

Now back to the typical monthly iphone blog post. ;) Here is what I did this month:

  • Spent the last morning in my townhouse with Mocha. Our last morning before everything was boxed up and moved out. 
  • Watched my mom graduate with her PhD in clinical nutrition. Shoutout to Maryland University for streaming it!
  • Photographed 4 weddings, several families, and my first senior of the class of 2018.
  • Went to a Tincaps game
  • Ran away to the lake for 24 hours off the grid
  • Did a work day hangout with Daniel Alecio from Alecio Photography at Mocha Lounge. Working with other creatives is literally the best. Want to work together? Lets please!
  • Started the hunt for a renter for my townhouse. (Interested? Shoot me an email!)
  • Took another "me" day and went to Columbus to shop.

Happy 4th of July week, everyone! I hope you spend this weekend by the lake, pool, ocean, countryside with your family and friends relaxing.