kaylee + aaron // fort wayne indiana engagement photographer

Meet Kaylee and Aaron -- an incredibly sweet couple with a love and laughter that fills up a room (or countryside in the case of this session. :) Kaylee contacted me after finding me on Instagram. We quickly found a date for their engagement session and I started my anticipation for their arrival to Fort Wayne from Indianapolis. The moment they stepped out of the car, I knew we were going to have a fun session. Such models! 

In May they will say "I do" in Colorado. Why Colorado? Neither of them have been. I mean seriously.. how sweet?!! Check out a few of my favorites from their warm (62 degrees!!) February engagement session.

How did you meet? Aaron and I actually met at our church in Fishers, IN. Aaron is a police officer, so he was handling the undercover security for our church. I didn't notice Aaron until I joined the greeter team at church and stood around him in the lobby week after week. After catching Aaron staring at me time and time again, I made the move and went and talked to him. For almost two months the only time I got to see or speak to Aaron were on Sundays at church! So after two months of knowing in my own head both of us had a huge crush on each other, once again, I made the move and gave Aaron my number!! Talk about stepping up to the plate, am I right?! Even to this day Aaron and I joke about those days when we first met. Turns out both of us did have a HUGE crush on each other the entire time but were both too shy to say anything! I am so glad I made the move, because even to this day Aaron says he would have never asked me out because I was, "so out of his league"! CRAZY!  

What is the story of your proposal? January 29th 2017, just 5 months and 1 day of being together, Aaron popped the question! He purposed at Fort Harrison State Park in Indiana. We had been on a few dates there prior to the proposal. One day we had went hiking and found this gorgeous creek with sand bars, beautiful rocks, and fallen trees all in it. Aaron said on the hike that day he knew he wanted to ask me to marry him at that exact spot one day! So after church one Sunday, it was snowing out, but not unbearably cold we started driving and he told me just to, "sit back, and enjoy the ride". About 30 minutes later, we entered the gates of the park! With a huge smile on my face, I knew my life would not be the same when I would leave the park! Hand in hand he walked me to the creek and was the most cutest, most nervous man I had ever seen! I was overwhelmed with tears of joy as he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. A friend was hiding in the trees the entire time capturing the special moment for the both of us! 

What is your idea of a date night? 

His: My idea of a date night with this incredible woman would be spent doing whatever would give us the time to enjoy each other's company. Something that involves both of us communicating. Something fun, exciting, and that allows us to learn more about each other. 

Hers: I feel like anytime I am with Aaron we are on a date. Whether we are having a serious conversation about life and the future, or we are both dying laughing because we are being super silly with each other, its always a date to me. Since day one he has always opened my car door for me, continually doing kind gestures, and has never skipped a beat since. So honestly, whether it is laying on the living room floor sharing a pizza in sweatpants, or getting all dressed up and going out for a steak and candle lit dinner, I am always on a date with Aaron.  

What are your favorite things about each other?

His: My favorite things about Kaylee Rose... I absolutely love her heart. she has the most caring and loving heart of anyone I have ever met. Her personality is absolutely incredible. She is positive, encouraging, and such a sweet woman. She is beautiful beyond words. Not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Kaylee is a great role model, and mother figure to my children. They love her so much, as she does them as well. I love how she has accepted them into her life and how she interacts with them as if she has been around them their whole lives. 

Hers: Oh my goodness, where do I even start with this man. Aaron has such a kind, humble, and  serving heart to name just a few. The way he serves and helps me when I don't even ask, the way he builds me up with his kind words everyday, and just the way he loves me unconditionally through my highs and my lows all the same. He makes me feel like the most special, protected woman every single day. The day Aaron proposed to me we had went to lunch prior to the park. Sitting at our table, I had just mentioned to him about an older lady eating lunch by herself, in a booth across the way from us. At the end of lunch, without any discussion or hesitation, he had asked to have the lady's lunch put on our bill as well. My eyes filled with tears watching my soon to be fiancé across the table, pay for the bill. I was so proud of him in that moment, and honored that he was my boyfriend. One other thing I love about Aaron, Oh, can he make me laugh! I am constantly laughing with him. Whether its shopping, riding in the car, or cooking in the kitchen, goodness, you can bet I am probably going to laugh!

What are you most looking forward to about being married?

His: I am looking forward to spending the rest of my days on earth with this woman. Starting and ending my day with her by my side. I am excited about the journeys we will embark on together. Being able to call Kaylee my wife makes me so happy. A happiness that I cannot put into words. To be able to feel that way is just so exciting to me. 

Hers: Growth. That's the word that comes to mind that I am most excited about! I cant wait to grow in every single way with Aaron. I cant wait to grow spiritually with Aaron as husband and wife. To pray together and grow closer to the Lord everyday with him. I am so proud that the kids encounter Jesus when they are with us! I cant wait to grow firm as a team with Aaron. I cant wait to grow intellectually as parents and leaders with Aaron. I cant wait to grow deeper in love with Aaron everyday. I cant wait to grow in life experiences with Aaron. Lastly, I cant wait to grow old with Aaron.