march 2017 // iphone photos [ ohio + indiana photographer ]

Hey March! You went so fast that I didn't even realize that April was here and my monthly blog post never made it up! haha If you follow me on social media you might not have seen much activity. Thats because I did a lot of sitting behind a computer designing. Here are a few snaps of my early mornings, late evenings, and a spontaneous trip to the south.

Things I did in March:

  • I let Veda cuddle up in my bed after a night of tornado warnings. She made herself at home. Clearly.
  • I went to the Home Team tour with friends. Thomas Rhett sure does put on a good show.
  • Went to the Crestview/Lincolnview tournament basketball game and found out that I'm really not that terrible at darts.
  • Jumped in the car and drove to Fort Worth, Texas by way of Nashville. Gotta get those August snuggles in when we can. :)
  • Visited my uncles new home in Fort Worth, stopped by Chip and Jojo's silos during Spring at the Silos, had a few tacos at (my favorite DFW spot) Velvet Taco, and had a few drinks at Rahr & Son's brewery. (Check out the matching shirt my Grams and I got. ;)
  • Drove back to Ohio by way of Nashville. August's 2 month photos were a hit! ( coming soon )
  • Received a surprise in the mail from Caci Murphy. Thank you so much for the camera print leggings!! Lularoe Caci Murphy you guys!!
  • Spent more time with Veda and Mocha.
  • Spilled my pour over coffee all over my stove on a Saturday morning. Clearly a hot mess. :)
  • More meetings and more designing.

April is shaping up to be a great month! I'm already 1 shoot in with a few more to go. I'm loving having my camera in my hands more! More blog posts with happy moments are in the future.