november 2016 // iphone photos [ ohio + indiana photographer ]

Whoa. What a whirlwind November was! If you follow my personal instagram (@tayford) you may have noticed that I wasn't home in Fort Wayne for more than 5 nights. No lie, craziness! Here is what I did during the month of November.

  1. Visited Nashville -- Teah's (my amazing friend and 2nd shooter) first time.
  2. Met Hayden Panettiere and almost followed Randy Houser into a guitar store.
  3. Drove to every mural in Nashville and took photos in front of them. (Thanks for the cool photos of me, Teah!!)
  4. Photographed Darci and Ryan's wedding in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.
  5. Escaped the 'post October' work life for 24 hours and went to the lake.
  6. Ran a 5k in Las Vegas with my mom as she ran a half marathon.
  7. Celebrated the life of my Aunt Linda in St. Louis.
  8. Decorated for Christmas with the help of Ccino.
  9. Spend Thanksgiving at home in Ohio with family and friends. This image is from the Czajkowski Thanksgiving, my second family and neighbors of 21 years.
  10. Attended a baby shower for my nephew -- not pictured, my SIL at her baby shower.

I can't believe how quickly November went!! December 1st is here and I've been playing Christmas music nonstop. (Thanks for the hookup, Spotify!) Happy December 1st, friends!!