Nutmeg the Irish Setter

I don't know what it is about Irish Setters that my family loves. Their energetic personalities, ability to cuddle, and inability to sit still for a full 5 minutes is something that makes my heart skip a beat. Growing up, I shared a birthday with the sweetest of Irish Setters, Rosie. When Rosie passed, my parents waited a full 3 months before they realized we couldn't live without another setter. Meet Nutmeg. She has her own Instagram hashtag. #NutmegTheIrishSetter. If you're ever feeling blue, check out Nutmeg going for a run on the treadmill. Baby girl keeps a smile on our face. Check out a few of my favorites from a mini shoot we had over morning coffee. Clearly she was taking our conversation seriously. Those paws though.. little Grinch hands. *heart eyes*