october 2017 // iphone photos [ ohio + indiana photographer ]

Hey October! Crazy fast. Crazy busy. There was a period this month that I didn't take a single personal photo on my iPhone for 2 solid weeks. Yowza right?! That makes for a quick blog post. 

  • I started the month out with a trip to the lake and a quick turn around to an engagement session in Toledo. I came home to the sweetest Barkbox for Veda. Kori and Torey, my Michigan bride and groom are some of the sweetest!
  • Later that week I went back to the lake. Lake Wawasee is my happy place. An escape here between busy months was much needed. It helps me knock out work with its relaxing nature and new views. Any other creatives need that new editing view every so often?
  • I took a trip to Lansing, Michigan to photograph Brittany and Sam's newborn, Kate.
  • Claire Clay and I met up to do a headshot swap. I LOVED this session. Something about being in front of the camera of one of my past senior reps, LOVE IT!
  • LOTS of engagement sessions, a 1st birthday party, a cake smash, families, seniors, pre wedding meetings.. emails though.. boy did I stink at finding time to answer those. I promise to be back to my 24 hour policy once I catch up on getting photos back! Thank you all so much for understanding busy season!!
  • A Fort Wayne day resulted in Dash In and buying mini pumpkins. Thanks to Cedar Creek Produce for allowing us to photograph on your farm!
  • Quick 24 hour trip to Nashville which is why this post actually has photo content. You may now realize that my siblings were moving home to Columbus after their 5 years in Nashville. I flew down to help finalize Nashville and to drive their car home. While I may not have had the time to do this, I don't say no to helping family or travel. I'm so excited to have them closer.
  • Barista Parlor, Omni Nashville hotel, Green Hills, HWY 100,.. I'll be back asap.
  • How cute is August though.. oh my heart.
  • My Veda and my Mocha, gosh they do wonders for this busy soul who can't remember squat currently. 

Its November 1st as I write this. I'm taking an editing break to try to fill you in on my October. I've watched The Grinch and A Christmas Story today, I have a Christmas candle burning, and I'm watching a turned trees leaves fall into Lake Wawasee. We're nearing the end of my busiest season and almost to Christmas. Maybe a bit soon to be celebrating buttttt I need a little holiday cheer for my burning, computer strained eyes.