october 2016 // iphone photos [ ohio and indiana photographer ]

The end of October is here and I can't believe how quickly it went! (And that I survived it) October is a busy month for photographers in the midwest because of the fall colors. They say October is to photographers what April is to accounts. Usually I spend most of the month rescheduling sessions because of the weather. This year I hit a new record and only ended up needing to rescheduling 2 shoots. Wohoo! Thanks mother nature! Here I am at the tail end of my busy season. 1. My short term memory is minimal (I can't remember anything unless I write it down). 2. I learned the value of cooking a lot of food and freezing the extras. 3. Friends and family are the best medicine. 

This October I was fortunate to spend a lot of time at my parents house. Work mornings in Ohio after a night at my parents is one of the best. My mom makes extra coffee and my dad cooks breakfast.. unfortunately, my mom has a one-way policy and won't let me move back in. Instead, she's constantly asking me to "take a load" from my childhood bedroom every time I leave. Which I don't.

Here's a quick run through of what I did during the month of October:

1. I took the first weekend of October off since I had 4 weddings in September. My 100% weekend off didn't last very long. I forced myself to take a nap on Saturday and I left the lake early Sunday morning to go back home to work. Any small business owners out there that understand this feeling? 

2. My friends called me at 7:00pm one night and said they would be at my house in an hour because they were taking me bowling. I fussed and eventually gave in. Sitting at a computer working from 9am-7pm shouldn't be an everyday thing. I wore my lucky cat socks for the bowling night and they worked.

3. In middle school, I was in choir and band (I played the flute.. couldn't even tell you how to play an F.. I was that good.) I sat next to a girl in Choir named Tyler. Tyler and I had been in dance for years before this, but I specifically remember talking to her a lot more during choir.. probably because we weren't allowed to. This October, I photographed her marriage to her best friend, also named Tyler. They vowed to love each other for the rest of their lives at one of the best venues in Van Wert, the dairy barn at the fairgrounds. I mean really.. just look at that light during dinner. 

4. I finally purchased a pair of running shoes. My mom has done triathlons and half marathons for years. Recently she convinced my grandma to start walking. I knew it was time to give in once my 83 year old grandma was telling me that "a 5k is nothing." At least my new shoes are cute.

5. Dierks Bentley came to town. If you're from Van Wert, you know his guitarist is from the county. Obviously we had to go scream as loud as we could when Dierks talked about V-Dub. Teah and I went with some guys that I grew up with. While Teah isn't from Van Wert, I was proud of her for screaming as loudly as I was about Van Wert, Ohio. 

6. I photographed an incredibly windy morning session with a family and then it rained and I had to reschedule my evening shoot. Harry Potter, a fire, tea, and a rainstorm is the best combination for relaxation. I wish I could relive that moment.

7. Post weekday family session Brava's date with Sydney and Teah. We stayed and talked until they closed at 9pm. And yes, we all ate the whole thing.

8. I photographed the wedding of another couple that I grew up with. Kevin and Jayde have been dating since 8th grade. From 11am to the 11:15pm sparkler exit, I couldn't have been more happy to have been the one to document this time for them. I then woke up at 6am, drove to Ohio, and wore this seasons first socially acceptable blanket to my 48 degree morning shoot. It was cozy, like a warm hug. And then I showed up 30 minutes late to my evening session because I wrote the wrong time down on my calendar. Huge, embarrassing moment that I then made up for by showing up 30 minutes EARLY to a shoot the next weekend because I read the wrong time. Haha seriously though, after a few 60 hour work weeks, I admit to riding the struggle bus. Thank you to everyone for being so incredibly sweet and understanding. 

9. The Indians are in the world series and I wish I could watch it with my Grandma and Grandpa Ford. There is no way they would believe this current situation.

10. There is a sunflower field in Van Wert county and it's the best thing since sliced bread. It really makes me happy.

11. I look forward to decorating my parents house for Christmas every year. This year we all have crazy schedules and Christmas happened on October 30th. Don't mind us.

November is here and Teah and I leave to shoot a wedding in Tennessee on Wednesday. We're going full on tourist mode in Nashville at my brother and SIL's before we end in Gatlinburg for the wedding. I am so thankful to have met friends in college who not only love shooting weddings with me, but will also road trip for them. Thanks, lady!

I'm excited to welcome November. Have a great month, everyone!