phil + sarah // new haven indiana engagement photographer

I think this year has been filled with more rescheduled shoots than shoots that actually happen on the date we book them. Sarah and Phil ended up with a mini engagement session before their full session. I'm really glad the mini session happened, I love the images we got from it! After we were caught in a a crazy windstorm and downpour, we ended up scrapping all ideas of shooting in downtown Fort Wayne and moved the rescheduled session to New Haven. Fitting since our first meeting together was lunch at Rack and Helen's.

This couple is such a joy to work with! Not only are they head over heels for each other but they are an incredibly fun couple. I had a blast with Sarah and Phil! I am beyond excited to photograph their wedding next month. I can't wait to see the images we make on their wedding day! Hopefully I get a few more goofy candids. ;)


How did you meet?: Philip and I met at Hat Creek rodeo, in Van Wert, Ohio. I was there with a group of friends from Indiana, and Phil was there watching his friend ride bulls. He began mingling with my Indiana crew, and right away hit it off with the rowdy bunch. Fast forward a few months and Phil was coming to Indiana to go kayaking and come to bonfires, Halloween parties, concerts, etc…Phil and I became the best of friends. A beautiful friendship transitioned into an amazing relationship... The rest is history :)

What is the story of your proposal?: Phil planned the perfect proposal! After a jam-packed summer of busy weekends, he booked a day at the spa to relax; we had couple massages, facials, and pedicures. From there we headed downtown Fort Wayne, checked into a nice hotel and got ready for dinner at Club Soda. As I was in the bathroom getting around, Phil said he needed to go back down to his car to fetch his phone charger. After he left the hotel room, I came out of the bathroom to find a special white sundress laying on the bed with a note that said "Change into my favorite dress and go down to the front desk @ 7 PM" I was picked up by a limo at the front desk and taken to Headwaters Park. I got out to find Phil waiting at the top of the stairs. He said " 3 years ago I fell in Love with you here wearing the same dress, Will you marry me?" I of course said Yes… actually I said it 3 times! :) It was truly amazing how he planned out every detail his proposal!

What is your idea of a date night? 

His: Spending time in the garden together, having a bonfire roasting hot dogs & s'mores, and camping in the back yard. 

Hers: Making dinner together; Playing cards or a board game, eating some popcorn while snuggling on the couch watching a good movie. (Although our choices of good movies are quite opposite, lol)

What are your favorite things about each other?

His: She has a heart of gold. She's timelessly beautiful. She listens to my lame stories. She makes me a better man!

Hers: His love of the Lord takes my breath away. His goofy sense of humor can make me laugh even when I'm grumpy. He is handsome, and is loyally committed to me and our future (hopefully) family. I truly admire his confidence, drive and determination in everything is does.

What are you most looking forward to about being married?

His: Enjoying our life together and continuing on our love journey!

Hers: Loving each other more every day and the life God has in plan for us!