september 2017 // iphone photos [ ohio + indiana photographer ]

Hey wait.. it's already October?! I know I say this every month.. but WOW that went fast. Especially since the month of September felt like summer all month long. Weird right!?

My monthly 'here is what I did' list:

  • Started Labor Day weekend with the fam in Columbus. Look at that little guy. I know I'm biased.. but August is the best. Auntie Tay won't ever put him down. 
  • Labor Day weekend was packed full at the lake. 2 family sessions, 1 senior session, and the celebration of my birthday with my oldest brother. Virgo sibs -- the same yet totally different. My mom always jokes that she's got 3 kids that are all completely opposite from one another. Funny how thats possible, right? I guess from the looks of these photos you can tell my family enjoys their salsa.. and margs. ;)
  • The week following Labor Day I got really sick. Like lay on the couch for 3 days straight type of sick. Busy season had already started so what do I do? Power through the weekend and only eat things that I know won't upset my stomach. Pretty upsetting since I had been looking forward to Shigs In Pit catering Madeleine and Daniel's wedding for a solid year. Fast forward to the end of the weekend and I was back on that couch.
  • I drove down to Columbus, OH twice. Once to see my brother and the other time to meet up with all of the amazing wedding industry/photography friends. Coffee and photography talk.. is there anything greater?
  • 25th birthday weekend! I'm 25?! Since when did the last 6 years fly by?? I was lucky to have been able to take my entire birthday and weekend off this year. This is the first birthday I've had work free since I was 18. However, when I was 19 a photographer asked me to second shoot my first wedding with her. I never told her it was my birthday because I had been dying for an opportunity like that. Sooo I guess you could say my 19th birthday wasn't necessarily work.. more of an amazing present. haha 
  • My parents took me to the Cerulean for my birthday dinner. If you've never been, you need to put it on your list. I always get the chicken and ask for brussel sprouts instead of the fettuccine cause your girl LOVES her brussels.
  • When my parents asked me what I wanted for my 25th birthday, I asked for their labor. My mom was game and my dad was a good sport in between his hiding out. In my family we have a list of rules. One of the rules is to make yourself scarce when you see things being done that you don't want to do.. because you know you'll end up being called in to work too. Anyway.. they helped me turn my carriage house garage into a nice outdoor room. I'm so excited for next summer to roll around when we can summerize the pipes and really treat it like 3 seasons room. (Summerize the pipes? Thats what you've got to do when you own a home from 1938. Oh the quirks.)
  • The Czajkowski's came over for the first official wine night at the house. Unfortunately Alex (my best friend) wasn't here with her parents to reminisce and enjoy but I know there will be more of these in the future.
  • A senior session at good ole Eggerss Stadium in Van Wert. Which team are you? A, B, or C? I'm an option A kind of girl. I love tradition, I love Friday Night Lights in downtown, and I love the nostalgia it brings the community. Please take the survey here
  • Dinner with my bestie, Jordyn. Gosh she's a ray of light.
  • I jumped in front of the camera as one of the models for the 2018 edition of Fort Wayne Weddings magazine. That dress gives me life and I'm really hoping its my rendition of Carrie's Sex and the City moment when they mail her the dress. Gosh that dress, that chair.. I hope they mail that pink chair too.

October is officially here and I have a feeling it's about to be my favorite month this year. LOTS of big surprises and exciting things happening. Lots of sessions and lots of apple cider are in my future. Happy October everyone!