september 2016 // iphone photos [ ohio + indiana photographer ]

Hey September! You were a great month! I'm officially 24 and still finding myself saying that I'm 23. I'll blame that on still not having celebrated my birthday. #adulting :)

This month my camera became an extra limb, I watched a plethora of webinars, drank 1 too many Pumpkin Spice Latte's, and edited a lot of photos. I had late nights, early mornings, and put a lot of miles on my car. I found it to be way too easy to start working at 8am and not stopping until 10pm (It's currently 10:32pm). Through it all, I tried to put an emphasis on time with my family, seeing friends (even if it was a work date at a coffee shop), and doing things that make me happy. 

A dear photog friend of mine recently recommended that I pick up the book, Present Over Perfect. While I'm only a few chapters in, I feel like this author is describing myself. Busy seasons require hustle but they don't require me to completely put my personal life on hold -- a lesson I've learned this year. 

I've learned a lot in September and I am so so excited to take the first weekend of October off. I've been waiting for September 30th for quite some time and it is finally here. It's been a rainy couple of days and my heart is over the moon with happiness. (Rainy day's are my all time favorite) I started my weekend early with a shopping trip to Columbus, Ohio with my mom. It's one of my favorite things to do with her.

This weekend I'm welcoming October dressed in my Ohio State apparel. I'll be in Indiana this weekend but.. you can take the buckeye out of Ohio but not the Ohio out of the buckeye.